Web & Mobile Development

Web & Mobile Development

The CMDC program teaches web and mobile design and development. It was one of the first programs in a reserach institution to integrate mobile media into its curriculum. Since that time, our faculty and students have experimented with apps and interfaces, producing award-winning sites such as Autovation and Fort Vancouver Mobile. Recent work includes prototypes for the DrowZ Driver App for the Sleep & Performance Research Center at WSU TriCities and the Devonian Botanical Garden in Edmonton, Alberta.

Students in the program learn a variety of web languages, including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, PhP, & MySQL. Because 49% of our students are female, the CMDC Program graduates more female coders than many other academic programs in the U.S.

Some of Our Other Specialities

Here are three other specialities of the CMDC Program

Physical Computing

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality with Oculus Rift and Meta, etc.

Social Media / SEO

Digital marketing and search engine optimization


with Unity, Unreal Engine, & Web Languages


Experience an interactive website made by a CMDC student!