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About Us

The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program offers a major and a formal minor leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Digital Technology and Culture (DTC). Additionally, students pursuing a B.A. in the Humanities or a B.A. in Social Sciences can select the DTC as a primary or secondary area of concentration. In all cases, The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program teaches students to conceptualize, in both research and practice, applications of digital technologies and to think critically about digital media and the ways humans interact and engage with them.

The program focuses on six areas of study within the field of digital media: 1) web & mobile design & development, 2) 2 & 3D animation for simulation and visualization, 3) digital publishing, 4) physical computing, 5) social media / SEO for digital marketing, and most recently 6) game studies & design.

Our History

The brainchild of Vancouver campus administrators, Hal Dengerink, Leslie Wykoff, and Tim Hunt, the CMDC Program was founded in 1997 and intended to be an interdisciplinary program that looked critically and responded creatively to issues relating to digital media. The name was changed to Digital Technology & Culture (DTC), in 2003, when the program was approved to offer the B.A. in DTC. That same year it was adopted by both the Pullman and TriCities campuses. In 2006 the program extended its offerings to emphasize a hands-on practice to accompany and enhance its theoretical focus. By 2010 the DTC Program had grown from 44 students in 2006 to over 150. When it was approved to become an independent academic program on the Vancouver campus, the name was changed to the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program, the name it is known as today. With over 250 students in the CMDC, it is now recognized as one of five Signature Programs on the WSUV campus.

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