Areas of Study

Six Exciting Directions to Go

The CMDC Program offers a B. A. degree in Digital Technology & Culture a minor, and two certificate programs—Game Studies & Design and Social Media. Within the degree students can pursue six different areas of study:

Along with technical skills associated with hands on practice like coding, multimedia and interface design, composing and others, our students graduate with a deep knowledge of the theories relating to digital technologies, as well as strong essential skills like written and oral communication, team work and project management, and ethics.

Three of Our Program Specialities

Web & Mobile Design

HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySql, JQuery, etc.

Social Media / SEO

Digital marketing and search engine optimization

Games Studies & Design

with Unity, Unreal Engine, & Web Languages


Watch a video made by a CMDC student for the 2015 "Game Changers" exhibit!