Rwanda - Tutsi Massacres

The neighboring countries of Rwanda and Burundi are very similar in the makeup of their peoples. Two tribes make up most of the population, the Hutus, who makeup about 85% of the population, but historically were in the non-ruling class, and the Tutsis, cmprising 15% of the population, but representing the ruling class and owning most of the land. For decades, the education system and government jobs were off limits to the Hutus until 1990, when they came to power, forcing many Tutsis into refuge. In 1993, the Rwanda Patriotic Front, a Tutsi army, invaded Burundi and killed the first Hutu president of the country. In the following rampage by the RPF, over 100,000 Hutus were killed. In April 1994, the president of Rwanda died in a suspicious plane crash, prompting the Hutus to begin a campaign of genocide , the goal to rid Rwanda of all Tutsis.

Over 1 million Tutsis died in 100 days in this Atrocity

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