Russia - Ukrainian Famine

From 1922-1953 the communist government of the Soviet Union was run by the iron fist of Josef Stalin. The communist party was in charge of every facet of life, in charge of distributing all food to its people. Widespread corruption, lack of resources and poor execution of the plan for "collectivization" led to one of the worst atrocites in history. Known today in Ukrainian as the Holodomor, the period between 1932-1933 was marked by famine to a degree unseen in history. Food was plentiful in Moscow, but the further away from the center of the communist government, the less food became available. The people of Ukraine, as well as those in the Northern Cuacasus and Khazakstan suffered the most. Starvation and disease were rampant and corpses littered the streets.

An estimated 7 million Ukranians died from starvation in this atrocity.

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