Cambodia - Khmer Rouge Regime

The communist party of Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge took control of the country in 1975, under the leadership of Pol Pot. Pol Pot instigated a plan for a completely classless society. There would be no cities, private property, or money. All city dwellers were forced into the country, banks and money was destroyed, the postal service, phone service and media were dismantled. Religion was forbidden and clothing was destroyed, replaced by standard issued uniforms of black pants and shirt to all citizens. In order to keep order in this regime, everyone that was not considered valuable to the country was rounded up, tortured and executed. These included intellectuals, homosexuals, the wealthy, professionals and many others. The simple act of wearing glasses was enough to be executed, as it was seen as a sign of literacy. City dwellers who were forced to live in the country were executed if they could not farm. All those who were not ethnic Cambodians also were killed.

An estimated 2 million people were killed during this atrocity.

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