5 special places in the Columbia River Gorge

My Family

This is a map that shows five significant places for me and my wife. We both grew up in very different places but through some act of fate, ended up moving from opposite sides of the country to Vancouver the same month of the same year (August of 2011)

Where we met

When I first moved here I quickly found a job as a busser at a local Mexican Restaurant. After working there for nearly 8 months, we hired a round of new people and my future wife happened to be one of them (unbeknownst to me at the time). we quickly hit it off and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our favorite campground

Timberlake Campground is a really special place for my wife and I. it is almost equidistant from our home to her parents house in white salmom, so it is a super ocnvenient spot for us. We like it here because of its proximity as well as the grounds themselves. it is a super peaceful and tranquil spot that is heavily wooded. We go here probably 3-5 times each summer, in some cases booking our spot asn entire year in advance because we love "our" campsite so much.

Our first home

Adri and I have lived in several different apartments over our 7 years together. Some of them have been in pretty rough parts of town where rent is super affordable but the amenities and aprtment itself are not the greatest, others in more affluent neighborhoods in great complex's. the thing that makes this location special to us is that this was our first home with no roomates! we have both affirmed that there is no possible way we could go back to having roomates (that is until our first little one arrives in this June).

Our Favorite Restaurant

First, if you have never had an Everybody's beer or been out to White Salmon to their restaurant, what are you even doing with your life? (I am mostly joking, but seriously?) this place brews so many different incredible microbrews and on top of it, their food is not your average pub grub, this is pub grub with a side of creative and fresh, fun incgredients (pork nachos ar hands down the best).

Our wedding

We got married July 30th, 2017 on the waterfront in Hood River, Oregon. this is a place that is not only special to my wife (born and raised in the area) but a place that has grown near and dear to me as well. Everybody's is just a 5 minute trip across the bridge to White Salmon and my In-Laws is in Bingen (right below White Salmon), we go to "town" as frequently as possible. there is something in ther water, or maybe even the air there, it is simply put just a different style and pace of life, it is our own little paradise hidden 55 minutes West of the big city.