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Hi I'm Thomas!

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I specialize in Video Work

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And a whole lot more!

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Thomas Billison. I am a CMDC (or Creative Media and Digital Culture) student studying for a DTC degree, which is a degree in Digital Technology and Culture. I am also studying to minor in Political Science. I am currently going to school at Washington State University Vancouver campus. I am a sophomore, and starting to take more classes in my major working on honing my skills. Outside of school I am involved in a few different things. I am volunteering weekly as a middle school leader at my churchs youth group. Also I run a YouTube channel with my friends, where we record video games and commentary for public enjoyment! Alongside that I also have a YouTube channel for live action movies that I make, mostly just fun little projects that I decide to do. Unless it wasnt evident I do like to work with electronic media, and I hope the DTC program can help me archive my dreams.

Video Projects

Video Reel and Skills

Adobe Premiere | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Sony Vegas | Sony Sound Forge | Sony DVD Architect | Gimp HTML 5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | JQuery | YouTube | Vimeo | Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Maya | Blender | Microsoft Office

Previous work includes an internship with the Architectural Heritage Center, where I worked on videos for them and affiliated organizations. Check out a few videos I edited for them



I also have Photogrophy experience. I have taken Senior photos for a couple of people, plenty of event photos, and a series of landscape and general photogrophy. Under the Portrait tab you can see all of my subject photogrophy. Under the Landscape tab you can see other photos in my portfolio.

Web Design and Graphic Design

  • Google API narrative

  • Video Final Project

  • Multimedia Story Project (works on Chrome only)

  • Choose your own adventure web narrative

  • Basic Scrollr webpage

  • Wildlife Safari Design

Contacts and More