You continue into the city...

There are more people ahead

As you walk into the city you can see a huge clock tower raising above the other buildings. It reads five to six. Beneath it you can see more people there, walking around normally as if nothing was wrong. Each step you get closer to the people reveals more and more about their state of mind. You can start to see each one of them has a distinct look of panic on their face, walking around as if they are trying to get somewhere in a rush.

Soon you are entering the square where the clock tower is located. You notice that the time has not changed on the tower. So you continue across the square to investigate. As you look up at the clock tower there is a streak of red light shimmering across the sky. Puzzled you look around to see if anyone else has noticed the light. However when you turn to ask someone they merely walk on as if you were not there.

Watching the people more closely now, you notice there is something funny going on. You see a man with a blue tie and grey brief case walking across the square opposite of you. Then after he goes behind a building out of sight, he reappears where he started walking from. Seeing this strange phenomena you watch more people. Eventually you realize that everyone is repeating the same actions over and over again. It is as if they are caught in a time loop.

Confused by the settings in the city, you try and grab one of the people walking around.

You decide to walk into the clock tower. For some reason you believe the tower holds all the answers.