Your Story starts here

you awake in a strange place

You wake up in a strange place. You can hear a ringing in your ears, and as you open your eyes all you can see is the blurry outline of trees and buildings. As you get up, you can feel dirt crusted to your face, and see your hands are dark with mud. You cannot see any people around you…

After struggling to get up, you walk around. You cannot remember how you got there, or what happened before you ended up on the ground. All you can remember is that you have somewhere you need to be. Checking your pockets you cannot find anything. No money, no cell phone, not even an empty wallet. However you discovered a small flash drive, but as to the content it is a mystery.

You start to walk straight ahead of you. The sun is starting to set, and is too your left. Due to this information you assume that you’re walking north. There is an unsettling quietness to the area, no cars, no people, and not even the sound of animals. Soon you are able to hear the sound of the wind brushing across branches. In the distance you can hear the “swoosh” of a river. And to your left you can see a large clock tower rising up in the skyline.

You can continue into the city, and try to look for some answers there.

There is the sound of a river near by. You can use the water to drink and clean up.