Parking lot Injustice: The tale of two lots

The Orange lot is the closest, and most expesnive, lot. Coming in at $107.01 plus tax, this lot is reserved for the rich elites who can afford such an expesnive luxury.

The Blue lot is for the permitless, who wanter the campus occasionally. They are forced to pay $3 every day they park here. After 18 days they would spend more than the lowest level parking permit.

The Green lot represents the Middle Class of WSUV. This lot costs $89.48 plus tax, placing students failry close to campus. However this lot is overrun by the abundant amount of Clark students that invade our campus.

The Red lot, our newest lot, is an effort to further ostricize the Gray permit holders. It placed over the original gray lots, and was made more expensive.This lot costs $71.96 plus tax, being pretty far from campus.

The lowest and most distraught class in the WSUV heirarchy, the students who park in the Gray lot are subjected to change, and cost increases in order to make it to school on time. Being the most reasonablly priced parking lot at $53.81 plus tax, they are pushed to the furthest corners of campus. These students are forced to walk miles to reach there classes on time.