Author Statement

There are two sides to running. On one side, running is calming, focusing, and very enjoyable. On the other side, it is time consuming, and hard to find time for in a busy schedule. In this digital book I tried to communicate the enjoyment, and the nagging inner voice that occurs while I am running.

The design was inspired by the rhythm of running and the “thought snap shots” that are gathered while you are on a run. This digital book was created for the DTC Multimedia Publishing class at WSU Vancouver. The project was to create a digital book that used cinematic principles like eyeline match, the 180 degree rule, and continuity to create a narrative sequence.

Thank You

Laurel Anderson for being my model.

Zerrofs at for the audio.

Author Information

Whitney Anderson is a highly accomplished and brilliant digital designer, full of original ideas. In fact, her ideas are SO original that most people do not understand them... a sign of a great artist.*

*I was asked to write my own bio.