In the City, a gemstone named the Fire Topaz was its Passion. However, it was stolen. Who took it? One detective will go to a suspicious apartment building to find out...

The Topaz? I know it's captivating. I once had enough money to buy it, but I can't now. My singing is no longer a novelty to anyone.


Oh, the gemstone. Yes, its quality is rare enough to make any rich man think twice about passing it up. It was too unique to forget.


Yes, I've heard of it. Strange things happen around the gem. Lives shatter, love is found, luck is lost. I've always wanted to find out why.

Besides the fact that it was stolen...


Of course. Every jeweler in this city has dreamed of having the Topaz. Just imagine what a Topaz pendant would look like...


I was just coming back from a party. I may not be as popular as I once was, but I'm not retired. I sing at parties for the rich, as well as attend them as their guest.


I was at a party with my colleagues. It was a relaxing evening, although more quiet than raucuous. I had a little too much, so I took a taxi.


I was in the library, researching more about gemstones and strange phenomena that are associated with them. I didn't come home until 3 a.m.

I was unable to sleep again, thinking about last month again...


I was up late, working on special pieces for my clients. Some of the wealthy are demanding, you see. One man even wanted a topaz on a ring!


Such an alluring gem could not have been protected forever. Whoever took it must be desperate for a second chance... like a second debut.


I'm not surprised. It was more of "when" than "if" with such an precious item. Unfortunate, though. It would have crowned my collection of jewels.


What a tragedy. Now that it's missing, no one else will be able to know its secrets.

She liked crimson, tangerine, and gold. I always thought white suited her best. She would always smile sweetly at me.


Stolen?! How?! That was the heart of this city, its Passion! The Topaz isn't meant for just anyone!


The city is meant to have eternal passion. Me? My ten years of fame were more than I ever wished for. Trying to be popular again wouldn't be fair for the next generation.


Look, I would have bought that Topaz with a snap of my fingers and a briefcase. Why would I steal it? If I went to prison, what would happen to my collection?


I know that finding answers is as jubilating as finding precious gems, but there are limits. I would never cross the boundaries just for one gem.


Fine, I took it. Ever since my girlfriend left me, I've been lost. Without her, I have no passion, so why not win her back with the Passion of the City, the Fire Topaz?


I respect gemstones as a jeweler. A stolen gem is as good as rusted metal. Basically, it would be nothing to me. If it was never here with me in the first place, then it was never meant for me to have.

Cast of Characters

detective singer wealthy scholar jeweler

The Detective

The Singer

The Wealthy Man

The Scholar

The Jeweler

Character Concept Sheet

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"The Passion of the City"


Alexandrea Chaudoin
Senior in the CMDC program at WSU Vancouver, iPSI Fellow


This is an HTML5 book where the user can drag the main character, the Detective, around an apartment to interact with the tenants. The goal is to find out which of the characters has stolen the Fire Topaz, which is the namesake of this book. Each character has their own passion and their own thoughts about the Topaz. There are eight total pages in this book, including the character information page, the statement page, and the credits page.


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Alexandrea Chaudoin


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Composed by "tc630" on www.freesound.org

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