The Great Monarch Avarice looked out glaringly over the crowd, “They’re at our borders,” his guttural voice cracked — “Those twisted and monstrous beasts all in black — the soiled and scabbed — the fanged toothed devils — beware of the other or else there’ll be trouble! — They’ll eat all your children — they’ll tear out your eyes — they’re likely among us in devious disguise. — If you don’t follow my every command — it’ll be obvious you’ve joined them — and for that you’ll be damned. — We’ll snuff you out — we’ll find out your treason — we’ll kill you with glee and your children — you won’t see them.” — “However…” the great Monarch paused. “If you are true to the crown and follow command — a reward will await you at the initiatives end.


The monarch skulked back into a luxurious pavilion — his magistrate taking the mic. — Looking down his nose — and in a nasally tone — he made the monarchs nefarious intentions well known.

“Upon the kings decree — we henceforth enact — the torrent initiative.” he angrily snapped. — “Every man, woman, and child will participate — No-one is exempt. — Let the burning, salting, and scorching commence. — As our benevolent and exalted monarchs demands — the work begins today” — he said with wringing hands.


The magistrates voice trailed off over the crowd. — Been given the word — they all gave a bow. — The people of the land of Avarice all quietly left. — Not a single person dared to suggest — that the monarch might be wrong — about these mysterious others unseen — ‘fore he had automated gun placements focused in on the attendees.


The poisoning of the land did not take long — with each and every family working along. — The sound of the monarch’s bombers playing a drum beat — to the toil and hardship of the people in the streets.

It took barely a yearlong — before all the land turned to ash. — Miles around the inner sanctum all scarred, burnt, and blacked.


While most were convinced of Lord Avarices’ words — about these nefarious others who would chop them in thirds — a few dissonances arose in the crowd — who spoke in whispers and hushed tones regarding the crown.

Unfortunately for them, Lord Avarice had spies — those loyal to the crown of whom he advised — should they supply him the names of all the defiant — riches and food would await them for their compliance.


Phase One of the Torrent initiate was complete — but Lord Avarice had new plans he envisioned in his sleep.

“Atop my tower I can still see their towns! — Those bloated and blistered beasts all around! — I must be unburdened by this terrible view! — Forced to look out onto their land just won’t do! — Set my people to digging into the ground. — We shall dig a deep hole that will cover us round! — Then lower my tower into the hole — so I may go out on my balcony for a stroll — without this unnecessary and arduous toll!"


Lord Avarices’ magistrate complied with the order — Blasting out the commands over loud speakers that reached the end of their borders. — The people of the land of Avarice all huddled around — collecting the gear supplied by the crown.

Each began digging, scrapping, and shedding crust from the earth. — Prodded by the promise of punishment if they slowed in their work.

The earths once healthy cladding pealed back. — Picked and scratched by hundreds of bent backs.


Within no time a deep and dark pit was revealed. — The earth, under pressure from hundreds of weathered hands was unsealed. — It was raised over the pit’s ledge — where it hung precariously on a knifes edge. — The Great Monarch Avarice — having refused to leave his throne — stood out on his balcony where he bemoaned. — He criticized his people for the speed in which they moved — promising punishment if it didn’t improve.


It was at this moment a murmur began to spread. — Of the precarious position they had Lord Avarice in. — Without more than a nod or a wink — the populace of the land of Avarice found themselves all in sync. — Each one of them at that very moment — simply let go of the ropes they supported.

Loud cracks and snaps rang out across the crater — as the supports holding the tower around its equator — shattered and broke leaving the tower in free fall — where it crashed at the bottom once and for all.


The people of the land Avarice had been freed. — Freed from the monarch’s cruelty and greed. — With Lord Avarice dead many began to ponder. — Questioning the reality of those 'others' far off yonder. — The longer time passed, the more they enlightened. — "Perhaps there are good things beyond the horizon."

"Beyond the Horizon" is a fictional story created with HTML5, CSS, Jquery, and JavaScript. Its art style was heavily influenced by author Stevan Zivadinovic's story Hobo Lobo of Hamelin. I really enjoyed the rough and textured feel of Zivadonvic's imagery. If was it felt very comic like but lended itself to the story. The narrative of Beyond the Horizon has a rhyme and cadence running through it that came about organically while trying to put pen to paper. Having never written any forms of poetry before, creating any semblance of cadence became quite an endeavor. In its original conception, the story didn't have any conscious relation to our current political climate of 2018. However, the unconcious influence on the narrative was slowly revealed in its influence.
John Alexander is a multmedia design and web developer living in Vancouver, WA. If you would like to contact John, he appreciates any comments or feedback -

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