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Use this submit form when you are at the flying field that you want to add to the database. The form will use your current location along with the information provided. Once your submission has been approved by a administrator, your flying field will appear on the map.



The Team

Run by kitefliers, for kitefliers, the system was created with the idea of giving people worldwide a central database where they can easily search for and add international flying sites (fields), complete with information that would help them catalog and choose based on geographic location, wind, on-site facilities, etc.

All too often we’d encounter folks in any of these situations, who didn’t have a central resource:

  • Travelers looking for a place to fly on business.
  • Travelers looking for a place to fly on vacation.
  • New fliers looking for flying locations in their area.
  • Transplants (freshly moved) fliers new to an area.

We hope you find this service to be of value, and that you take the time to add your favorite flying locations for others to find and enjoy.

How it Works

  • Locate nearby Sites with address, city or postal code.
  • Map Markers are clickable with extra site details:
    • Site name
    • Field size
    • Ground/turf
    • Prevailing wind direction
    • Obstructed wind direction
    • Unobstructed wind direction
    • Nearby facilities (toilet, etc)
    • Parking availability
    • Website link (if applicable)
    • Additional notes and details
    • Thumbnail Image
  • All results listed on left of the map with clickable Google directions link.

Site FAQ

I added my kite flying field, why don't I see it in the database yet?

Most likely, it's still being reviewed and you'll receive an email when approved by an admin.

A location is exact in the system, why do the directions point elsewhere?

The directions generated by Google are based on transportation, so they will point to the nearest drivable point.

How can I submit more information for a site already in the system?

We have a site correction form you can use (click here), information will be reviewed by an admin for addition.

Is there any limit to the number of flying sites I can add?

No, there is no limit - add as many as you like!

Is limited to specific types of kite fliers?

No, this is a kiting community resource and open to all... We welocome submissions from dual, quad or single line fliers of all kinds, and ask only that you take the time to include sufficient details in your site submissions to make it as easy as possible for other fliers to understand if the site will work for the kties they're flying.

Is there any charge to search or add to the database?

No, this site is a 100% free service to the general public.

How can this be free, surely there is a cost to keep it running?

All web services (domain, hosting and design) are sponsored by as a public service.

How can I make a donation to

If you'd like to contribute, feel free to do so through the "Friends of Kitelife" page.

Who founded the site, or came up with the idea of

The idea was put forth by Andy Scott and Bob Curtis (2/19/11) to John Barresi, who had also been considering the concept for some time... While it was a team effort, the core of this site (Google API) was handled by Andy, with web design work done by Kitelife and significant contributions from a core group of beta testers on the Revolution forum


Contact Us


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or necessary clarification regarding the web site, we will be happy to do our best to assist with or resolve any difficulties.

Note: If you are submitting corrections or updated information for a flying location, please use the Site Correction form below.

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