Love Poem

Mikhail Oparin,
DTC 375, Language, Text and Technology
Fall 2010, Professor Will Luers
Creative Media and Digital Culture Program
Washington State University Vancouver

About the project:

This project is named after a Love Poem writen by Richard Brautigan.
This assignment has become a part of the larger project entitled
XXI Century Brautiganism and is dedicated to Richard Brautigan and his fans.

A poem by Richard Brautigan consists of only one sentence and is recited by
17 different people over and over again. Each video communicates a feeling,
or an emotion in a different way. It delivers a different experience thus
creating a story inside the viewer's head through reciting and repeating this
one sentence.

The project is a form of textual remidiation, consisting of hyperlinks that
open individual video clip of the Love Poem. It is an experiment with mixing
textual and audio-visual forms that in a process create a non-linear story.
This mix helps create an understanding or motivate imagination of what it
may "feel" like to "wake up in the morning" and "not to have to tell
somebody you love them anymore."

This page contains an embeded sound player to create ambiance with
a noise. The volume can be adjusted and the sound could be paused or
stopped completely, although it is recommended to keep it playing while
viewing the poetry.

Experience the Love Poem>

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"It's so nice
to wake up in the morning
all alone
and not have to tell somebody
you love them
when you don't love them
any more."

Love Poem 1 Love Poem 2 Love Poem 3 Love Poem 4 Love Poem 5 Love Poem 6 Love Poem 7 Love Poem 8 Love Poem 9 Love Poem 10 Love Poem 11 Love Poem 12 Love Poem 13 Love Poem 14 Love Poem 15 Love Poem 16 Love Poem 17Video to Your Website by v1.9m

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Ambient Sound:

"symphony of the planets"by NASA

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