Here's my final project called Dance Mosaic:

Final Project Statement

My final project is titled "Dance Mosaic." It is an audio/video montage, in which I appropriated various dance clips from movies, as well as an audio clip that I merged with various sounds and textures. In addition to montage and appropriation, this piece also incorporates questions of authorship. There are many dance remixes, and many of them use some of the same video clips I have incorporated. This project isn’t an original idea, but true to remix, borrows existing material in the creation of an original piece. While I was working on this, I started thinking of Nam June Paik’s work, and thought it would be fun to create a sort of dance mosaic; kind of a dance within a dance. I incorporated several effects, including zoom in, zoom out, mirror, reverse and lighting. I’m pleased with how the dance clips fit with the music. I tried to make linkages from one clip to the next (e.g., the penguin tap dance leading to Fred Astaire tap dancing). I think some of the transitions work better than others, and if I had more time I’d tighten that up. Overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out, and feel I captured the mosaic effect I was working toward.

Kathleen M. Schultheis

April 27, 2011