Welcome to Knight Runner!

A JavaScript Game Created by Austin Fierst

A Short Introduction

This game was created by me as a project for DTC 477 at Washington State University Vancouver. It's a simple 2D endless runner made with vanilla JavaScript. It features sprite animation, keyboard inputs, a parallax background, and a simple user interface that keeps track of score, lives remaining, and a visual of how many attacks a player can utilize to avoid game over.

How to Play

The controls for playing the game are fairly simple:

The objective of the game is also fairly simple. Score as many points as you can before you, inevitably, fall victim to one of three enemy types:

  1. Vultures

    These pesky birds just don't watch where they're going!

  2. Bear Traps

    I don't know... I haven't seen any bears around here either.
    Who came up with this game??

  3. Falling Stones

    There could be monkeys in those trees, you don't know.

Tips and Tricks

Your score is based on time but, for the most part, time only moves forward if you are! This is a double-edged sword (no pun intended), as even though you're 99% safer if you stand still, you won't be gaining any points.

Score is also affected by your attacks. Each time you land an attack, that attack will multiply your current score by 150%. Attacks are limited though, you start the game with two freebies. Each additional attack comes at the cost of one of your lives. This means that you can use your attack up to a total of five times.

Attacks are used to prevent losing lives, not just to multipy your score. I recommend thinking of them as more of a panic button.

Shout-Out to Some AWESOME People!

I definitely recommend checking out their amazing assets! I couldn't have made this without them.

UI Elements

Nicole Marie T

Background Layers


Player Character

Artyom Brullov