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The Rabbit Hole


"Kip, you shouldn't be this far out in the woods. It's too dangerous."

"Are you even listening to me, Kip?"

"Hmm? Yeah, I'm listening."

"Kip, this is serious. You should turn back now."

"But if I continue walking, I might find some interesting stuff."

"What is this place?"

"Kip, perhaps you should"

" out for that rabbit hole."


World Wide Woods

Please do not feed the trolls

"WTF?! Where am I???"
"See? You should have turned back!"
"Shut up, brain! This rabbit hole thing might not be too bad."
"Sure, Kip. Tell yourself that now before you find yourself stuck in here forever."
"This place is friggin' nuts."
"Finally, something we can agree with!"
"It's almost like a digital version of Wonderland."
"Well, you were walking through the World Wide Woods."
"This is getting too cheesy. I must be dreaming."


Story, code, and images by Torin Tashima

Project Statement

"This website was designed for WSU's DTC 355 class where I was challenged to present a sequential narrative story in a visually appealing way using Skrollr. As an added challenge, I decided to create my own silly story centering around a character I made back in high school while writing the code for it. This was quite difficult especially considering I was rewriting the story several times. While I am overall proud of the final result, there were some cool ideas I had that could have been included in the story but didn't make it in because of time and skill constraints. The images were done in Illustrator."