With Porter for a Cup

Porter is a reoccurring character of mine, a concierge of sorts, who seems as at home in the obscure and maniacal environment of his dreams as he does in the mundane purview of the cognizant. As a vanguard of the unawake, Porter introduces me to the bizarre and provides a window into how dreams make jest of reality, how they reflect experiences and alternative iterations of the world from which at night some of us escape. Sometimes, for Porter, the grass is greener in a dream, the coffee a little less bitter. But not always.

With Porter for a Cup is an experiment of the affordances and limitations of Javascript timing events. More, it is a commentary on inevitability, on perspective, and on escape. The poem itself is cryptic, its broader themes and meanings buried quite deeply. Yet, the ever-moving, always changing, irreversible text evokes the anxious, fleeting nature of experience. Reality becomes abstracted by dreaming, dreaming grows contingent upon the contexts of reality. At a certain point, one wonders which is which. The poem, like our experiences, cannot be interrupted without implications, and those implications are unpredictable and often concatenating; we can pause for a moment, for an hour, but we only cease briefly to drift in a stream that flows resolute despite our abeyance, and, when we resume, we may be lost in the tide of changes we created by resisting them. Hence, what we think is control might, at best, be more akin to navigation, something of a managed descent.

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