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Sphinx is a simple game thats tests a player's ability to answer riddles. Each block on the right leads to a different riddle. Click on one to read the riddle and guess the answer for points.

Answers need to be spelled correctly and written in lowercase. they must also be grammatically correct. Answers can usually be entered in a variety of ways and still be considered accurate. However due to the large amount of possibilities there may be some overlooked options. If this is the case, the coder apologies and acknowledges you as a smart cookie.

Good luck!

Artist Statement

This project was my first attempt at game focused coding. I was originally planning something else entirely for this project, but decided I was not utilizing Javascript enough. Sphinx is much more driven in this area of coding. Although it may not involve the most complicated of methods, I feel I have expanded my coding knowledge a bit. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you!
Amanda Wiant


Answers start with the upper left-hand riddle and follow the order of riddles from left to right. When at the end of a row, the next listed answer is for the following lower left riddle.

Riddle One: a reflection
Riddle Two: a breathe
Riddle Three: charcoal
Riddle Four: gloves
Riddle Five: fire
Riddle Six: wind
Riddle Seven: a joke
Riddle Eight: a shadow
Riddle Nine: a coat of paint