Door to the World



Door to the World


Door to the World is an imaginative piece that allows an individual to essentially “travel” around the world in 1 minute and 45 seconds. This installation will allow an individual to hear greetings in various languages from various countries as new doors open.


To create this piece, I looked up sound clips of indivduals greeting in their naitive language and complied nine languages. I then looked for sound clips of a door opening and closing as well as record some of my own and complied them together to create the piece you hear.


Inspired by the Korean drama, “Goblin”, this piece is an imaginative piece that would allow the listener to hear various greetings in different languages of the world by the opening of a door in 1 minute and 45 seconds.


The purpose of this piece to open the listener’s eyes to the various greetings heard around the world, imagine what it would be like to be able to open doors and enter the country of their choosing and open the listeners ears to the diversity of the world.


This piece was heavily inspired by the Korean drama, “Goblin”. In this drama, a man becomes a goblin with a sword in his chest due to certain circumstances in his life and has to find his bride since she is the only person who can see and pull out that sword. A power he has is the ability to travel anywhere by just opening a door. In the drama, he uses his power to help his bride get to school by opening a door and he even took her to Canada by the same method. I used this idea to make this piece a door to various countries

Materials & Methodology

Using Audacity, I gathered sounds from Omnigolt , Free Sound Effects Sound Jay and recorded some myself and compiled them together to create this piece. The archival website was handcoded using HTML5 and CSS3 as well as uses a design from a previous project


With this piece, I hope the listener would simply enjoy the experience of “travelling” the world. People also seem to forget how much diversity there is in the world, so I had hoped to open the listeners ears to different languages heard anywhere.


My intention for this piece was to essentially open the listener's ears to the greetings of the world and hear how diverse it is and imagine, for the length of this piece, what it would be like to be able to open a door and enter the country of your choosing. I do wish that I actually went out and asked individuals to say a greeting in their own language so there is a more accurate sound clip. Overall, I am satisfied with the outcome since I was able to grasp the concept I was going for.