Dene Grigar’s

2009 Annual Review


I. Research

1.  Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Edited Special Issues:  4

Grigar, Dene.  “Electronic Literature:  Where Is It?”   Electronic Book Review. January 2009.

---.  "Visionary Landscapes: Literature on the Edge of Time and Space."  Hyperrhiz 06.  2009.

Grigar, Dene and John Barber.  "Winged Words: On the Theory and Use of Internet Radio." Going Wireless. Ed. Amy C. Kimmehea. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 2009. 275-288.

Grigar, Dene et al.  “E-Ject:  On the Ephemeral Nature, Mechanisms, and Implications of Electronic Objects.” Co-authored with Joseph Tabbi, Matt Kirschenbaum, Michael Angelo Tata, Davin Heckman, Anna Gibbs, and Maria Angel. UC Irvine: Digital Arts and Culture 2009.

2.  Published Book Reviews in Peer Reviewed Journals:  1

Grigar, Dene. “Review of Ex-Foliations:  Reading Machines and the Upgrade Path. By Terry Harpold.  Leonardo Reviews.  December 2009.

3.  Forthcoming Essays:  1

Grigar, Dene. “Hyperlinking in 3D Multimedia Performances.”  Forthcoming in Beyond the Screen: Transformations of Literary Structures, Interfaces and Genres. Ed. Jörgen Schäfer and Peter Gendolla. Bielefeld, Germany: Transaction Publishers, March 2010.

4.  Peer-Reviewed Presentations:  3

Grigar, Dene.  “E-Ject:  On the Ephemeral Nature, Genres, & Criticism of Electronic Objects.” Digital Arts and Culture.  December 2009; Irvine, CA. 

---.  "'A Breach, [and] an Expansion': The Humanities and Digital Media."  Special Panel entitled "Locating the Literary in Digital Media."  The 2009 Modern Language Association Conference.  December 2009; Philadelphia, PA.

---.  “Undergraduate Research, Civic Engagement, and Digital Media.”  The International Digital Media & Arts Association 2009 Conference. November 2009; Muncie, IN

5.  Grants and Outside Support:  5 (2 pending funding)


  1. Grigar, Dene and John Barber.  $174, 617. 2010 Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program.  Pending

  2. Grigar, Dene. $13,794. Community Foundation of SW Washington. To fund 2010 Artist in Residency Program Pending

  3. Grigar, Dene. $2500. Cash Support from Local Community.  To fund DTC Program projects

  4. Grigar, Dene.  $5000.  US Bancorp.  DTC 2009 Artists in Residence Program.  August 2009


Grigar, Dene.  $10,136.  Omnibus funds.  To purchase robotic lights, LCD projectors and sound equipment for the MOVE Lab

6.  Directing Research

Member, Master of Arts Thesis Committee, Ted Fordyce. “Hyperlinking.”  Communication, Culture and Technology Master of Arts Program, Georgetown University

7.  Creative Endeavor/Media Art

“The 24-Hr. Micro-Elit Project.” 24 works of micro-fiction published on Twitter.  August 21, 2009.

“mediartZ:  Art as Experiential, Art as Participatory, Art as Electronic.”  North Bank Artists Gallery, October 2-31, 2009.  Vancouver, WA.

  1. 8. Professional Development

  1. National Science Foundation CPATH.  “Game Computing, Story Telling, and AI.”  University of California, Santa Cruz.  November 19-20, 2009 Final Cut Pro. Northwest Documentary Film Center, Summer 2009

  2. Twitter for Business, MacForce. March 7, 2009

  3. Productivity, MacForce. Friday, March 13, 2009

II.  Teaching

Semester                                                                        Course Enrollment     Evaluation     Univ. Avg.

Spring 2009

DTC 336.01 Design and Composition                             23                                   4.38                4.09

DTC 476.01 Digital Literacies (Senior Seminar)             23                                   4.67                4.09

Summer 2009

DTC 475 Digital Diversity                                                27                                    4.07                4.24

Fall 2009

DTC 336 Design and Composition                                  22                                   4.41                4.15

DTC 476 Digital Literacies (Senior Seminar)                    8                                    4.92                4.15

Senior Seminar Projects

  1. Taylor Black et al, Living in Southwest Washington. Website development.

  2. Ben Hook et al, Boys and Girls Club.  Website development.

  3. Matthew Wright, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  Video.

  4. Randy Holland et al, Community Services Northwest. Website development.

III.  Service and Civic Engagement

Service to the University

  1. Director, Digital Technology and Culture Program.  Fall 2006––present

  2. Chair, DTC Program Advisory Committee, Fall 2006––present

  3. Executive Advisory Committee.  Fall 2006––present

  4. Community Engaged Scholarship Committee. Spring 2010––

  5. Research Showcase Committee.  Fall 2006––present

  6. Fine Arts Search Committee. Fall 2009––Spring 2010

  7. E-Learning.  Fall 2009

  8. Art Board.  Fall 2008–Spring 2009

Service to the Field

      Board of Directors.  Electronic Literature Organization. Director, Consortium, fall 2009–.  Treasurer, fall 2006-summer 2009

      Associate Editor. Leonardo Reviews. 2003––present

Civic Engagement

  1. Walk and Knock (food drive) Committee. Web design and Facebook coordinator

  2. Art Board of Clark County. Board member and web development

  3. Quality of Life Branding Committee for Southwest Washington. Member and web development

  4. Clark County Board of Commissioners.  IT consulting for grant

  5. Open House Ministries (family shelter). Web development

  6. Hough Foundation.  Web design

  7. Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce . “The Digital Future:  Today’s Technologies and Their Implication for the Future”, June 2, 2009

  8. Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. "Social Media Workshop Series", July-August, 2009

  9. Clark County Board of Commissioners. "From Social Networks to Communications Systems: Digital Technologies for Managing Organizations," April 23, 2009

  10. Camas Washougal Chamber of Commerce. “Building Presence with Social Media”, October 15, 2009

  11. Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. "Strategizing Social Media", October 23, 2009

  12. Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce"Facebook and Twitter Workshop", October 30, 2009

  13. The Rotary Club.  "Leadership, Community, and Social Media", December 16, 2009

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